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A customizable enterprise software solution designed to empower personal responsibility and a culture of getting work done!

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Our Mission:

To design flexible software solutions that allow our clients to adapt to change with minimal support from IT.

PBM Solutions:

If you are a PBM or MCO, please visit our pharmacy benefit solutions at

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Finally, a tool for upper management to get a real-time, top down view of what's going on in their organization. Flowpoint's dynamic analytics engine allows managers to pivot, sort and print reports to their hearts desire.

Imagine streamlining your business process and being able to provide service(s) in a fraction of the time and cost by leveraging technology to gain a competitive advantage. Flowpoint gives your business the power to receive new requests for products and services with our powerful data capture and workflow management tools.

Most employees take pride in their work and are proud of how much they produce. This is hard to do if employees are spending most of their time figuring out what needs to be done next, who's got it now, and where the rest of it is. Flowpoint's document management and communication features significantly reduce the amount of time to find things out.